About CRAA

The Chiangmei Refugee Archive Association (CRAA) aims to gather and preserve archival materials with hidden life stories related to the Refugee Camps in Penghu, an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait. The CRAA is named after a little-known rural village in Penghu called "Chiangmei" (講美/Jiangmei/Káng Bí). Although "Chiangmei" might get confused with "Chiangmai" in Thailand, it is the main site of the two Indochinese refugee camps (1977~1988) in Penghu.

The 34 advocates of the CRAA are from various backgrounds, including academics, mass media, NPOs, writers, and filmmakers, such as 

Asio Liu Chihsiung (director of "Penghu Refugee Camp Trilogy")

Shufen Lin (Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

Kerim Friedman (Professor, National Dong Hwa University )

Liao Yunchan (chief editor of Independent Opinion Comment @ CommonWealth Magazine) 

Chang Cheng (founder of Brilliant Time Southeast Asia theme bookstore) 

Chang-De Liu (Professor, National Chengchi University)

Tunchun Hsu (translator) and Chiahan Chu (novelist) et al.

Our Mission

The CRAA (The Chiangmei Refugee Archive Association) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established by law. Our mission is to preserve and deepen the forgotten experiences of the two Indochinese refugee camps in Penghu (Chiangmei refugee camp in Paisha Township and Chukaowan refugee camp in Hsiyu Township). The CRAA intends to compile relevant documents and audio-visual archives of Penghu refugee camps to connect Taiwan to Asian and world history with the post-war legacies and contemporary migration experiences.

Administrative Team

Founding President/ Asio LIU Chihsiung

Secretary-General/ Carol LING

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■CHIANGMEI.ORG 講美難民檔案協會(CRAA)旨在收集及保存與澎湖難民營相關的生活故事不為人知的檔案資料。 「講美」是以臺灣澎湖群島一個鮮為人知的講美村而命名。 雖然講美的譯名(Chiangmei/ Jiangmei/ Káng Bí)可能會與泰國清邁(Chiang...