Why Chiangmei

 "Chiangmei" refers to Chiang-Mei Village in Paisha (Baisha) Township, Penghu County in the Taiwan Strait. There used to be a Vietnamese refugee camp in Chiangmei, the longest-operated refugee camp in Taiwan, with an operation period of nearly ten years (1979-1988). However, the life experiences of Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Chinese refugees there do not exist in contemporary Taiwan's history. They are Indochinese refugees forgotten and denied in the UN's records.

There were two dismantled Vietnamese refugee camps in Penghu, one in Chukaowan in Hsiyu (Xiyu/Sai-sū) Township (1977-1979) and the other in Chiangmei (Jiangmei/ Káng-bí) Village in Paisha Township (1979-1988). During the nearly 12-year period, people from 51 refugee boats have been accommodated in the refugee camps. This is a past almost unknown in the history of intercontinental migration and the invisible history of the Asia-Pacific region.


■CHIANGMEI.ORG 講美難民檔案協會(CRAA)旨在收集及保存與澎湖難民營相關的生活故事不為人知的檔案資料。 「講美」是以臺灣澎湖群島一個鮮為人知的講美村而命名。 雖然講美的譯名(Chiangmei/ Jiangmei/ Káng Bí)可能會與泰國清邁(Chiang...